WASABI: The meaning of life Kindle Edition    


  Understanding the Meaning of Life in 3 Minutes


  Chapter 1 Magic Tips #1-#8

  Chapter 2 Magic Tips #9-#13

  Chapter 3 Magic Tips #14-18


  Understanding the Purpose of Life in 3 Minutes

             Author  HIDEKI WATANABE



Chapter 1   The Meaning of Living


Is there an answer?


Why am I alive?

Is there an answer to this question? Or not?

Lets put it clearly from the beginning.

Its simple.

We should start by thinking about the start of the world.

The Big Bang.

The whole universe was created in one moment.


Was the beginning of the world just a coincidence? Or was there a reason?

Choosing between these two choices is the first step to resolving our doubts.



Answer 1


If the world began by chance, then everything is the product of a coincidence.

The universe, the Sun, the Earth, humanity, all of these are products of a coincidence, and life is just a scientific reaction.

Theres no meaning to life from the very beginning.

Why am I alive?

This question is a waste of time.


Answer 2


If there was a reason for the beginning of the world, then everything is necessary. 

Our existence in this world has a specific reason.

Why am I alive?

This question must have an answer somewhere.


Magic Tip #1


Why does humanity exist?

Before thinking about this small issue,

You need to think about why the whole world exists.

Why does the Earth exist?

Why does the Universe exist?

Why does the world exist?

If you dont know the answers to these questions, you cannot begin to understand why humanity exists.

Humankind are just one part of the world.

You cannot understand the parts without first understanding the whole.

The question as a whole is:

Why does the world exist?

Its clear that we need to start from this point.




The Ultimate Choice


This is the ultimate choice.

But there are problems no matter which you choose.


If you choose Answer 1, there is no answer to why we are alive.


If you choose Answer 2, there is an answer to why we are alive.


Do you want there to be an answer?

But if you choose Answer 2, you also have to acknowledge that there is a creator of the world.

Theres no other way.

If no one had created the world, then the meanings of things would have appeared arbitrarily.

If they appeared arbitrarily, then its just chance.


To put it simply:


If we do not believe in a creator, there is no meaning to life.    (Evolutionism)

If we believe in a creator, there is a meaning to life.                 (Creationism)


Its that simple.

Its because of this contradiction that an answer hasnt come even after thousands of years.

This is the reason for religion.

And its for this reason that religion wont end even in the 21st century.


Are you an evolutionist or a creationist?


The Inconsistency of Religion


Lets take a huge leap and assume that there is a creator of the world.

This God created humanity

And decided upon the purpose of living and the meaning of life.


Are we just puppets?

Just organic robots that follow the command of their master?

Why do we live? Why do we move?

Our purpose is defined from the beginning.

Theres no need to think by ourselves.

Its enough to believe in a God and follow them blindly.

When were lost, its enough to read the manual (holy texts)

When facing difficulties, will we be helped if we pray? 

This is a carefree humanity that doesnt need to worry about anything.


Just doing the work and tasks assigned to us is the same as forced labor every day.

A humanity where our reason for living has been decided by someone else without our control from the moment we are born.


There is no value to living as this boring humanity.

There is no meaning in living as this uninteresting humanity.


A Supposition


I will say this just for now, but I am an atheist.

I dont believe in God.

As long as I see this brutal and merciless world,

There is no way for me to believe in a benevolent and great God.

Earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, epidemics all of these are causes of indiscriminate mass murder.

This cruel natural world where the stronger prey on the weaker.

Did a benevolent, great God really make this world?

Even children can quickly see that this is a lie.

But I also cant accept the first answer, that the world is just a product of a chance.

The laws of physics, DNA, life, plants, space shuttles, computers

These are all more than products of chance.

 At the present moment, we cannot entirely say whether or not there is a creator.

Im unwilling, but in order to progress further, theres nothing to do but assume that there is a creator.

So, who created the world?

Why did they create it?

Can we ever understand?

Its not possible to prove this scientifically unless we had a time machine that could take us back to the beginning.

Beyond this, we can only reason using circumstantial evidence.


For example, we can catch murderers even there are no witnesses, by gathering evidence about the murder.

In the same way, we can look for evidence of the criminal who made the world and their actions.

For now, lets reason using the current state of the world in the 21st century.


Magic Tip #2


If we do not believe in a creator, there is no meaning to life.   (Evolutionism)

If we believe in a creator, there is a meaning to life.                 (Creationism)

Its impossible to prove which of these is correct.

Theres no way for use to know whether or not there is a creator.

If we assume there really is a creator.

The creator must already have existed before the world was born.

A god-like existence exceeding human understanding.

Surely it is not possible to prove scientifically.

Can we discover with science how the world came to be?

We can understand rules and systems.

Even if we can understand how the world was made, we cant understand why.

So religion continues in the 21st century.

Its up to you which answer you choose.



Conditions for the Answer


Now lets think about the answers to the meaning of life, or why we are alive.

The answer that were looking for isnt each individuals reason for living,

But a common reason for which everyone is alive.


Condition #1 Something all living people have in common.

Condition #2 Something that people cant live without, like air or water.


The answer must satisfy at least these two conditions.

They are necessary if the answer is the reason for which humanity is alive.

If people dont have a reason to live, then they die.

Answers like I wont die even without a reason to live are just individual ways of thinking.


The answer isnt things like the quest for truth, the advance of humankind, or religion.

These cant be the answer, because humanity can keep living even without these things.

They dont satisfy conditions #1 and #2.

The answer we are searching for is something that all people have in common, from tribal people who live in the jungle to people who live in an IT society.


If we think about the absolute basics that people need to survive, we might think of water, air, and food.

But we cannot survive with only these.

Humans need one more thing.


Lets look at the example of herbivores.

Animals exist following three main desires: sleep, hunger, and sex.

They expend a great deal of effort to fulfil these desires.


They face many stresses and constant danger to raise young, get food, and find a mate.

For herbivores, fulfilling these base desires is just work to stay alive.

However, in places such as zoos where there is no physical danger, animals seem to become neurotic without the stress of predators, food, or sex.

So a big job for animal keepers is to find some kind of idle fun for animals that have lost their will to live.

That is to say, there is one more thing that is necessary for animals that have fulfilled all their instinctual desires.

That is a pleasure of time killing.

Higher animals first act to satisfy their instinctual desires, and after that, it becomes necessary to seek out pleasure for pleasures sake.


If you think about it, is there any difference between a cat toying with a ball and a human playing basketball?

They are fundamentally the same.

Soccer, baseball, TV, amusement parks, video games, gambling

These are all things created by mankind to maintain a good mental state.

Otherwise we would certainly go insane just like the animals in zoos.

The conditions humans need to keep on surviving are essentially the same as animals.


So, the possibilities that satisfy the conditions for the question Why are we alive? are water, air, food, and pleasure.

It has been narrowed down to these four possibilities.

These are what all of humanity have in common as the minimum necessities to be alive.

We can live without anything else, except for these.

We cant find any other reason for all of mankind to be alive.

(This is an objective fact, regardless of whether or not any creator exists)


So, if we assume there is a creator who made the world,

We can say that he created us to enjoy ourselves as well as for the basic functions of water, air, and food.

This is because instinctual desires such as hunger, sexual desire, and desire to sleep are all given to humanity from the beginning.

We can only assume that these desires were given to us with the aim of pleasure.


If we think from the perspective of the creator, it was not necessary to give hunger to humanity.

It would be fine to just give photosynthesis as with plants.


Logically, it is a waste of time to prepare three meals a day.

If we only think in terms of efficiency, it would be enough to eat dog food for sustenance every day.

That would also be good for the environment.

Problems of food scarcity would be gone in an instant.


But in reality, people enjoy making and eating elaborate meals.

People gain pleasure by following the desire of hunger.

Because behavior gets more complicated in higher animals such as humans, the meaning of our behavior gets harder to understand, but if you think about it deeply, we are just following the same simple programming as other animals.


Birds fly in the sky without being taught.

Spiders spin webs without being taught.

Animals raise their young without being taught.

Humans are the same. 


Its possible to live without thinking about why we are living.

Our behavior for living has been programmed into us from the beginning.

So, that program is the reason humanity is living.

Food, fun, sex, work, studying

These pleasures of time killing are the reason humanity are alive.


No matter how long you look, you wont find any other reasons that this.

If these exist, they must have been put in us from the beginning just as our instincts were.


The nature of humanity hasnt changed from Roman times to now.

We still need bread and joy.



There are many mysteries in the world.

For example, pro baseball players, soccer player, and pro golfers

Adults who are paid huge sums of money for playing ball games.

If we think about it, its bizarre.

They dont help anyone or create anything.

Theres no use in real life for being skilled with a ball.

Office workers and farmers are far more useful in the world.

But in reality, celebrities and sports players get paid more than average people.

Why is this?

If we think about it logically,

Its natural that the more important the role that people play in society, the more they are paid.

So if we put it this way, is the provision of fun more important

Than farming or producing electrical goods?

 Have we been wrong all along?

Of course, its important to people to spend time having fun.

Sport, TV shows, films, video games, amusement parks, and so on

Without pleasure, we just eat, sleep, and die.

We become the same as cats and dogs.

Unexpectedly, the purpose of life could really be a pleasure of time killing.

Thats why comedians earn money by making people laugh.

It stops being unreasonable.

If we put it as a simple reason that everyone can accept,

Its ok to assume that the world is a game for time killing.

If we do this, it becomes natural that people who work by offering to fun to others can make more money.

Sports players, film stars, singers, TV personalities...

I can accept why they earn more money.



Life is a game for time killing.

Think of this ridiculous hypothesis

With this hypothesis, there isnt any grand meaning or goal to achieve in our lives,

No matter how hard you try.

As a result, we can live with ease.

Theres no grand purpose or mission common to all human beings.

It would be a nuisance if there was.

I dont want to live a life decided by someone else.

A life with a quota would be terrible.

Living isnt work

God doesnt give us work or tasks.

God gave us only freedom

Thank you.


We make mistakes because we are stupid, but this freedom is better than the comfort offered by simply following orders.

How should I live in the future?

We can get lost wondering how to live.

Plants and animals dont lose their way.

Why are only human beings allowed to lose their way?

I dont know why.

But the freedom to choose how to live has been given to us.

This implies that we should decide for ourselves.


God, parents, teachers do you live your life only following what others tell you?

That is the easiest life, but the most boring.


Decide how to live your life by yourself.

Thats what makes life fun.



Life is just a game for time killing.

In this empty hypothesis, there would be no desire to try hard to do something.

There are lots of people who cannot accept this frivolous conclusion.

To begin with, I also was also hoping for a conclusion that had a more special reason for why we are alive.

The purpose and mission of a great life (developing our soul, improving our qualities, etc.)

If found this, I could live a life achieving my purpose.

I was convinced that my worries about why I was alive would disappear, and my life would be fulfilled.

But if you think about it, thats a very restricted life.

Isnt it inconvenient if every person has the same grand mission and purpose in life?


I dont want to live a life with no choices, where everything has been decided for me before I was born.

If life was like that, it would be the same as work.

Its no fun to just live like robots following Gods commands until we die.


If there is a meaning to life as decided by a god, then my life has no meaning.

If there isnt a meaning to life as decided by a god, then my life has meaning.


God hasnt programmed humanity with rules for spirituality.

Lets live in a more fun way.

For now, its enough to say that life is a game for time killing.

Music, film, art, romance, sport

These freedoms are important because they bring richness to our lives.

There isn't any grand meaning to our lives.

We have the freedom to do anything.

We have the freedom to do nothing.


We have freedom precisely because it is a game for time killing.

Theres nothing that we absolutely have to do.

Theres no special mission or value to the life of someone who lives to 80 years and dies in obscurity.

We can live simple lives.

I want to eat good food. I want to wear nice clothes. I like cute things.

We can learn from girls how to enjoy our lives.

Living isnt as hard as I thought.

I spent ten years searching for the answer to life before I realized that there doesnt need to be some grand reason.

We dont need a blueprint or map for our lives.

If we did, life would become a chore.


Because life is a game for time killing, there is value in living.

Because life is a game for time killing, we can live freely.




We dont know who the criminal is who created this world.

But there is no doubt that this criminals purpose was not to create heaven or utopia

If their aim was stability and peace, we dont need death.

We dont need disease or disasters.

We dont need gender or race.

We dont need sadness or pain.

We dont need appetite or sexual desire.

If there is a clear purpose, the world should have been created more simply.

A God which says that the current world is a place for training is a fool.

This world is too complicated.

But if the purpose of this world is just time killing, thats entirely different.

Maybe this is the ultimate game.

The conditions for an interesting game are satisfied.


Conditions for the Ultimate Game


*There are more than 7 billion players, and each is their own main character.

*The stage is unlimited, and uses beautiful colors and backgrounds.

*Players can quit any time they like.

*There are many unique sub-characters.

*You can choose from many types of game, from sports, politics, finance, fighting, to romance.

*There are complicated things like gender and race that make sure people dont get bored.

*Unimaginable and unexpected things happen.

*To make it a realistic game, you feel pain when you lose.

*The possibilities are endless, so it never gets boring.

*The player is so immersed that they forget its a game.

*When the reset button is hit, all memories are erased so that it doesnt get serious.  




What if you were God?


Imagine you were God.

Of course youd have unlimited abilities.

You could make any type of game at all.

If you made the ultimate game that satisfied all these conditions

Maybe it would be the same as the Earth.


Lets imagine some sub-characters.

Long-nosed elephant

Long-necked giraffe

Long-eared rabbit

Big-mouthed hippo, panda, koala bear, kangaroo

The blueprint for these interesting characters is DNA.


Dont you think someone designed this?


Video Games


In modern video games using CGI, virtual reality, and 3D,

Theres a feeling of being present in reality and illusion.

The graphics and plots of video games are getting more and more like reality,

Because its more fun the more realistic the game is.

If games keep advancing in this way, theres no limit to how close to reality they could get in the future.

So we might say that the ultimate game is the real world.

In this way we can explain that death exists to be the time limit of the game.


Conditions for Death


*There cannot be a lack of time limit (life span) because we would get bored.

*It would be boring to have a mode with no enemies. (Immortal)

*To stop people from becoming serious, the reset button removes memories. (Rebirth)


These are the reasons for death.



"Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot."

Charlie Chaplin 


Magic Tip #4


If there was a grand purpose for humanity, there would be no reason for death.

The longer we live, the closer we can get to our goal.

So why do we have death?

If the purpose of humanity was to achieve some goal (utopia, happiness, search for truth, enlightenment, etc.)

Then there would be no need for a time limit.

If there is a reason for life, then there must also be a reason for death.

Lets offer one suggestion.

Life is a game for time killing.

This irresponsible hypothesis is convenient for explaining many of our doubts.

For example, if life is a game for time killing, then we can easily explain death.

The game starts when we are born.

Natural death, disaster, illness, etc. These are game over.

Its boring to play a game with no adversaries.



If we get sick of the game, we can end it any time.

A time limit is necessary no matter how interesting a game is, because we would get tired of it if it went on forever.

Of course, when you join the game, all memories that it is a game are erased.

Life is just a game, so people shouldnt play seriously.

Therefore, its necessary to delete all our memories of the previous world.

If we think in this way, this world is a really well-made game.

Life is a game for time killing.

This hypothesis might not be accepted by many people.

But if we think logically about the existence of life spans and death, it is much easier to accept than the story of Adam and Eve.



Life game


This life game is very well made.

Ocean, sky, mountains, rivers, lakes, the sun, the moon, rain, thunder, wind, animals, insects

From deep sea creatures to glorious scenery, the genius programmer who made this game is a magnificent artist.

Not a fool.


The ultimate game already exists.

Its the world right in front of you.

Maybe our memories have been erased, and we are already playing the game.


All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.

William Shakespeare

Magic Tip #5


The world is too imperfect to have been made by a magnificent God.

The world is too perfect to be the product of chance.

Lets apply the real world to a video game.

As we can see in many video games, the programming is in binary (010001011000), a sequence of 1s and 0s.

We can see many things similar to this in the universe, where things are made up of simple equations.


*Einsteins Theory of Relativity

*Newtons Law of Universal Gravitation

*Fractal logic

*Quantum Theory


So if these equations were made by someone, it would be perfect to have a logic that could explain all of these in a grand unification theory.

We would be able to explain everything in the universe using these equations.

Just like reading programming code in a video game.

It seems like a dream, but its real.

Science isnt that far away from discovering the truths of the universe.

It is faster than religion or philosophy.

However, unlike in games, even if we understand all of the programming and make a perfect unifying theory, we wouldnt have any powers of prediction because of the uncertainty of particles as put in the uncertainty principle.

To put it simply, its a gamble.

Of course the universe is moving according to some laws and rules, but there is both certainty and uncertainty at the same time.


God rolls the dice.


Its a really well-made game.

Even the person who made the game doesnt know what will happen next.

Its the ultimate game for self-development.

If not, it would be boring.

If its a game, then the big bang was like switching the power on.

Before that, there was nothing.

So, nobody knows the future of the game.

Time Killing


Why am I alive?

Lets say that the point of life is time killing.

Life doesnt have some grand meaning.

Thats why life is fun.

We have the freedom to do anything.

We have the freedom to do nothing.

Theres nothing you have to do.

Eat, drink.

Dance, sing.

Smile, cry.

Do these things need to be rationalized?

Enjoy life simply!

It is stupid to think of them in a difficult way.

It is ok to just enjoy living slowly.




War, murder, crime, drug addiction, prostitution, rape

Everyone lives how they want.

It doesnt matter even if we deny it or ignore it.

This is the truth.

This is the price of freedom.

Are they inevitable because its a game?
What should we do?




How should we live?

Theres no correct way to live our lives.

The world is vague and always changing.

Things we absolutely have to do, things we shouldnt.

Things that are always right, things that are always wrong.

There are no world standard rules.

Lets decide by ourselves!

Let your heart speak.

This is the way I want to live.


Be just and fear not

Inazo Nitobe


Magic Tip #6


The creator didnt make right and wrong when they made the universe.

There werent any standards of right or wrong when humans were apes.

The ones who made these standards were humans.

At some point, some people decided what was right and what was wrong.

In each time and place, the people in power decide that the things that suit them are right, and things that dont suit them are wrong.


*In feudalism, the things that suit the lords are right.

*In militarism, the things that suit the army are right.

*In capitalism, the things that suit the rich are right.

*In democracy, the things that suit the majority are right.


Modern society is democratic and capitalist, and so things that suit the majority or the rich are right, and things that do not are wrong.

The opinions of minorities or poor people are denied.

This is how the rules are enforced.

People who dont suit the rules and cant follow them are a nuisance, so they are locked away in jail or executed.

This makes human society the same as the animal kingdom under the surface.

The 21st Century is dominated by money and the majority.

So, there are many discriminatory things, like first class, executive suites, etc.

We cant be fooled by pretty things and flimsy excuses.

In Japan there is an old saying might is right.

If you look at the behaviour of powerful countries in international society, you can easily understand.


The essential rule of both the natural world and human society is the strong prey on the weaker.

The principles of right and wrong are just one aspect of this.


Is there Anything?


The less principles people have; the more freedom they have.

Are you jealous?

You should copy this.

Anything is okay if you enjoy it!

Eat when you want to eat.

Sleep when you want to sleep.

Do things when you want to do them.

Isnt this a good way of living?

Stealing, lying, fraud, bullying the weak

Theres no aesthetics.

Theres no style.


I dont want to copy this.

Its awful.

 Earning Money


Its simple.

Its best to throw away our pride and our style.

We can do whatever without choosing a method.

Sub-prime loans, flash trading, bubble economies

Originally just some kind of game.

But great sports players are artists are respected, and those who are just rich are disliked.

Its not just because they are other people.

We can dislike ourselves too.

Even in a wealth supremacy, those who make money can lose dignity.


Economy without morality is sin. Morality without economy is nonsense

                                                                                                  Sontoku Ninomiya

Law, Rules, and Morals


If we just follow rules made by others, its like being a robot.

If we just live without anything, its like being a cockroach.

Lets make our own rules.

Lets live in our own way.

Live in your own style.

It takes strength to stick to your own style.

If your ideals are impenetrable, you can become independent.

But dont become surrounded by pride or conviction.

Living along with the flow is fun, but it gets boring.

If we think too rationally, we will get tired of it.




Things exist to those who believe they exist

Things dont exist to those who believe they dont exist

People see what they want to see.

They hear what they want to hear.

They know what they want to know.

Thats reality to them.




What should I eat?
What should I wear?

Where should I live?

How should I live?

Our past choices define us.

Our future choices will define us.




Life doesnt have some grand meaning.

Thats why we can make our own decisions.

We can have pride in decisions that we dont waver in.

You are not worthless.

Its ok not to have a role.

Create something.

Define yourself.

Thats what living is.

Thats your original style.


Growing is a way of finding new methods of self-expression.


What we like


Lets live simply.

Like the things you like!

There doesnt need to be a reason.

Romance, marriage, sport, martial arts, work, sex, art, fiction, gambling

Environmental conservation, volunteering, video games, science, philosophy, religion, the occult

They are all the same.

Theres no way to divide what is great and what is worthless.

Theres nothing worthless.

Lets look for the meaning in things by ourselves.

This is a reason for living.

If we live this way, we can find our own path, become better, and create our own style.

Theres nothing more interesting than this.




When we get sick of just living, we dream.

We cant live just with dreams.

We can keep living without dreams.

But lets look for dreams.

They make our lives richer.

Lets keep living so that we dont grow cold.

But we dont always achieve our dreams.

Even if we try hard, it doesnt always pay off.

Thats the bitter reality.

Thats what makes life interesting.

If our efforts always paid off, anyone could achieve them.

Maybe the stupidity of trying to achieve something impossible is part of the fun!




Saints dont need friends.

Theyre as annoying as criminals.

They dont need sinful thoughts or beliefs.

Healthy Inequality


The ultimate peace and tranquillity is death.

Humanity tire of eternal peace and tranquillity.

Never being harmed, never being sad, and never tiring.

Its the same as being dead.

Anger, regret, anxiety.

Stress is the fuel we use to push ourselves.

Fat people, thin people

Tall people, short people.

This is a healthy inequality.




Its awful to spend your life crying and fighting.

Lets have fun.

Get rid of the things you dont like.

If you can master enjoyment, thats paradise!

Dont you want to get to heaven quickly?

Hoping for stability is hoping for death.


Old hearts long for stability

Young hearts long for change


If our soul is hurt, our body is also hurt.

If our body is hurt, our soul is also hurt.

If you dont care for yourself, others will not care for you.

Care for yourself.

You are also part of this world.

If you are kind, the world becomes a little kinder.

If you are good, the world becomes a little better.

We create this world together.

All for one, one for all.

Everything is connected.




A life of trying your best, and a lifetime of not.

Both are equally interesting.

So lets live in both ways.

Life is long, so lets take time off occasionally.

Life is short, so lets try our best.



If you dont feel like living,

Let your sweat and tears flow

You will start to feel alive.

Dont think with your mind.

Feel with your soul.


Dont think. Feel.

                            Bruce Lee



If the world is logical,

The world should be able to change.

The world is a mirror.

If you change, the world changes.

If you dont change, the world stays the same.

Its simple.


Fall in love, and the world suddenly becomes the most exciting thingġ

                                                                                                  Reiko Morota






Whatever you are sad about,

Whatever you are angry about,

How many people in this world have felt the same?


You can be kind if you know pain.



Todays weather: Sunny. Temperature of 22C.

Is this hot?

Is this cold?

Is it just right?

How do you feel?

Thats the real question.



Happiness is not a state to arrive at but, rather, a manner of traveling

Samuel Johnson


Magic Tip #7


Mathematics, science, life

We should be able to answer any question so simply that even a child could understand.

If someone cant explain it in a simple and easy to understand way, then they dont really know the answer.

For example:

Why are we alive?

To answer this short, simple question,

Life is a game for time killing.

A short answer is enough.

Simple is best.

Theres no need for pages of difficult terminology, philosophy, or religion.

They are just hiding that they dont know the answer.





WASABI: The meaning of life Kindle Edition    


  Understanding the Meaning of Life in 3 Minutes


  Chapter 1 Magic Tips #1-#8

  Chapter 2 Magic Tips #9-#13

  Chapter 3 Magic Tips #14-18


  Understanding the Purpose of Life in 3 Minutes

             Author  HIDEKI WATANABE